Mitsubishi Lancer

Choose your model from the photos and year listings below. Within each model listing there are large images of the front and back of the vehicle so you can be sure to choose the one which matches your car exactly.

If you don't find the perfect match listed here, I invite you to contact me (Philip) on 1300 838 454 (local call cost within Australia from a landline), or send me an e-mail by using the form HERE. Give me the details of your vehicle and the plates you want to fit to it and I'll design and fabricate a bracket to suit you.

Please Note:

Wednesday, June 7, 2017:

For some time now, I've been overwhelmed with the volume of orders I've been receiving. I very much want to continue to provide a personal service. This means I don't want to expand into churning out huge volumes of mass produced, general purpose items.

For this reason, I've decided to close off the ability to place orders on the web site at some point each month to keep control of work flow. This will be indicated by the message to the left.

I hope my customers will understand why this is necessary.

Orders Closed
till August 2017