Welcome to LAKIN Custom Plate Brackets Customer photo gallery.

On these pages I'm putting together a collection of photographs of vehicles fitted with our plate brackets. These have all been provided by customers who have taken the time to e-mail them to me along with their comments.

While you may not find exactly the vehicle and number plate combination to match your situation, these photos and comments will, hopefully, give you some idea how the LAKIN brackets may work for you. You're welcome to call me (Philip) on 1300 838 454 if you have any questions, or send me an e-mail using this link.

As I continue to receive feedback, I'll add material to this page, so drop by occasionally. If you'd like your vehicle to be shown here, please contact me via this link.

BMW Z3 - Custom Brackets with Prestige Covers

Geoff had bought new number plates for his BMW Z3 and was keen to fit them much more neatly than his original plates. The photo to the right shows the rather messy fitting to the BMW's sharply curved nose.

Below, with the plate removed, we can see the extra sets of holes that have been drilled during the vehicle's life to fit various different number plates. (The manufacturer's mounting points are the two lowermost holes.) Note also the damage to the paintwork caused by years of having the number plate grinding dirt against the nose of the bumper.

The next photo shows Geoff's new plate fitted with our bracket and a Prestige cover. The plate now fits neatly with the curve of the bumper but is spaced away from the paintwork by polyurethane bumpers. The bracket uses the two manufacturer's mounting holes and the number plate is attached to the bracket without needing to drill any extra holes.

The Z3 has a whole batch of factory mounting holes (along with some extras!) on the rear panel which leaves it looking a little messy if you're fitting a smaller number plate, as in Geoff's case. Here we choose to provide a full size Euro bracket to cover all the holes. We incorporated fittings for the smaller plate in this bracket.

We used the innermost factory holes to mount our bracket as these allow the mounting screws to be hidden behind the new plate. It also means the outside holes are not damaged unnecessarily; something a future owner may be thankful for.

Thanks to Geoff for providing these photos.

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