Welcome to LAKIN Custom Plate Brackets Customer photo gallery.

On these pages I'm putting together a collection of photographs of vehicles fitted with our plate brackets. These have all been provided by customers who have taken the time to e-mail them to me along with their comments.

While you may not find exactly the vehicle and number plate combination to match your situation, these photos and comments will, hopefully, give you some idea how the LAKIN brackets may work for you. You're welcome to call me (Philip) on 1300 838 454 if you have any questions, or send me an e-mail using this link.

As I continue to receive feedback, I'll add material to this page, so drop by occasionally. If you'd like your vehicle to be shown here, please contact me via this link.

Holden Astra AH SRi - Sharply Curved Front Custom Bracket without cover

The Holden Astra AH SRi has a 'pointy' nose very similar to the HSV Astra VXR*. Our customer, Ian, wanted the number plate to fit neatly in the space provided, following the sharply curved profile of the bumper, but didn't want to damage the car by drilling extra holes, or damage the plates to make them fit the supplied mounting points.

Ian chose to mount the number plate without a frame or cover. We think the results are very pleasing.

Ian sent us this comment:

"Hi Philip

The plate was received in good order last week and fitted well. I'll send you a pic soon.

Thanks again


A few days later we received the photos shown here.

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