Welcome to LAKIN Custom Plate Brackets Customer photo gallery.

On these pages I'm putting together a collection of photographs of vehicles fitted with our plate brackets. These have all been provided by customers who have taken the time to e-mail them to me along with their comments.

While you may not find exactly the vehicle and number plate combination to match your situation, these photos and comments will, hopefully, give you some idea how the LAKIN brackets may work for you. You're welcome to call me (Philip) on 1300 838 454 if you have any questions, or send me an e-mail using this link.

As I continue to receive feedback, I'll add material to this page, so drop by occasionally. If you'd like your vehicle to be shown here, please contact me via this link.

Porsche Boxster 986 - Custom Plate Brackets WITHOUT screws or covers

Peter had bought new a set of Queensland Slimline Euro Theme plates for his Porsche Boxter 986 and wanted to fit them without drilling any holes in the plates...or any extra holes in the bodywork! Working from photographs and dimensions supplied by Peter, we designed a pair of brackets to fit his requirements.

It's a few months down the track now, and, out of the blue, we received a mass of photographs showing some 'before' and lots of 'after' shots. Peter didn't say much, but allowed us to add the pics to our site. We've chosen some of the most detailed images to show how the brackets fit.

The first two pics show how the original plates were mounted. Below are similar views of the new plates fitted to our brackets.

The following photos show different views of both ends of Peter's vehicle. Note that neither plate has been screwed to its bracket. We supplied special brackets fitted with Waterproof 3M Command™ Strips. The tabs are embedded in special slots in the edges of the brackets. They can be fished out with a pointed tool if the number plate needs to be removed at any time.

The curve of the brackets matches the curve of the body - most noticeable at the front, of course. We provided the front bracket with short legs to space the assembly away from the body. In the event of minor knock, these may well prevent damage to the body by the edges of the plate.

Generally, we advise attaching number plates with screws in the corners. However, many Euro plates are supplied without pre-drilled holes and occasionaly we're asked to provide brackets similar to these. The Command™ Strips bond agressively so, provided you check the plates for security once in a while, there is very little danger of losing them.

At this point, we're not able to supply covers with this system. We think these plates look great as they are!

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