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About Us

LAKIN Custom Plate Brackets™ is a small business located on the North Central Coast of Tasmania, Australia, in the town of Ulverstone.

Our Story...

I had been looking forward to the day – you know the one. I was going to take delivery of of my new car – the Audi I'd been working towards for some time. I'd looked, compared, ordered, paid, waited and finally it was ready to be picked up from the dealership. They drive my baby out in all its gleaming glory. The salesman points out all the special features; aiming to impress me with the build quality and attention to detail inside and out. I transfer a few articles from my trade to the boot of my new pride and joy.

My Audi A4 with stickers!

A box of chocolates from the dealer and he closes the boot for me. Rattle, rattle, boing!...What the hell is that? It seems the number plate is loose! Well...not really loose - just that it's only held on by a couple of self-tapping screws in the top edge. I have a closer look. I can hardly believe it; they've drilled holes right through the boot! Did they ask me? Did they consult me about positions or alternatives? They certainly didn't tell me that the most they were prepared to pay was less than $10 for plate covers in an attempt to cover up the butchery! Had they even considered an alternative?

My brand new car! They've just drilled right through it! The rattles were there from the start and my outrage just grew and grew. Speaking with friends and colleagues, it became obvious I was not alone in my feelings about this.

Over a period of months I played around with fitting rubber buffers behind the plate, but that only damped the noise - the basic problem of the plate not being secured effectively remained. What really annoyed me though, was the fact that, hidden behind the plate, were two well engineered threaded bosses to which Audi intended the number plate be secured. But, drilling through the plates to fit them to these holes didn't appeal to me either...

I was frustrated, but then I got creative, and designed the world’s best Custom Plate Brackets that allow you to use the manufacturer's mounting points, without having to drill holes in your plates.

But don’t take my word for it. This is what some of my customers say...

"Hi Philip, have installed the plates, very happy thanks, now i need a set of brackets for my wife’s Captiva, 2009 model for heritage plates, please tell me what to order."

Vince, Tullamarine.

"Hello Philip
The brackets and covers have just arrived, well packed and the covers are an excellent fit for the plates. With all the instructions so clear there should be no problem fitting and I should be mobile again quite soon. Many thanks for your very pleasant service, it has been a pleasure dealing with you.
Kind regards,

Didi, Kempsey.

A few weeks ago you supplied front and rear custom brackets for my new Skoda Octavia RS.

I am thoroughly impressed by the quality. THe fit was perfect and the finish is spot on too.

My only criticism or suggestion would be to make the plate a few mm larger than the number plate. It seems a shame to have such a nicely finished product hidden behind a tin numberplate.

Garry, Palmerston.

"Hi Philip
I received my bracket today and it fits perfectly. Just a quick e-mail to say many thanks for your excellent service and fast delivery. I will be recommending your business to my family and friends.
Thanks once again,

Chris, Mourilyan.

"Hi Philip
Plates received and fitted. I'm absolutely delighted with the results, particularly for the back plate - photos attached. Seeing plates on the car that are the right size and properly fitted is the perfect finishing touch. Having the brackets & screws in black makes it look so much better!

Alice, Northcote, NZ.

"Hi Philip
I fitted the brackets and covers today, and just wanted to say how pleased I am. Everything has been excellent - the product, packaging, instructions and service.
Thank you!

Matt, Hobart

You might like to check the Photo Gallery. As customers send me photos of their vehicles with LAKIN brackets or Kingpin covers fitted, I add them to the gallery. While you may not find exactly your vehicle/plate combination pictured, you will get a fairly good idea of the range of situations I can provide brackets for.

The range of brackets offered increases week by week. If you need something which is currently not listed on this web site, just let me know. Even if I don't have access to exactly the same make and model, I'll work with you to manufacture a set of brackets to suit your needs. I don't charge any extra for this totally personal service. Contact Philip here.

I hope I am able to help you soon.


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