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Mercedes-Benz SL AMG (Black Series) - 2009

NOTE: Any number plates displayed in these images are NOT necessarily mounted using our brackets! The photos are to help you determine the precise model of the vehicle for which you are choosing brackets.

For a full explanation of the LAKIN brackets, including a short video, click here. If you have any questions about brackets for your vehicle, why not give me a call on my local call number (for calls within Australia from a land line) - 1300 838 454

There are many photos of brackets fitted to customers' cars at this link.

LEAD TIME. Please note that each of our Custom brackets is individually manufactured to suit your specific number plate/vehicle combination. There are a number of factors which affect manufacturing time. I aim to dispatch your order within fifteen working days of receiving your cleared payment.

Rear Bracket - Mercedes-Benz SL AMG (Black) - 2009

LAKIN Custom number plate brackets are delivered complete with all the screws, spacers, etc, required to fit to your vehicle using the original manufacturer's mounting points. Number plate covers are... more info

Kingpin Prestige Plate Cover (Sold as single units)

The Kingpin Prestige Number Plate Covers are high quality, robust, one piece mouldings of UV stabilized acrylic. The clear lens won't yellow with age and the black surround retains its gloss for many... more info


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Rear Bracket - Mercedes C Class - W204 Sedan - 2007 - 2011

Hi Philip

As I expected, brackets are perfect! Thank you...

Front Bracket - Mazda 3 MPS - 2009 -


I received the security screws last Friday....

Front Bracket - Holden Special Vehicles Astra VXR - 2005 - 2009

Hi Philip,

I've finally gotten around to picking up the...

Rear Bracket - Audi Q5 - 2009 - 2012

Hi Philip.

Ive been meaning to email and thank you for...

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