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Ordering Process

It may seem there is an awful lot of information I'm asking you to provide in order to supply a simple bracket! Please remember, I'm aiming to provide a bracket that will be a perfect transition between your specific plate and the mounting points and body shape of your vehicle.

While there are SIX parameters to define, it's really only a matter of choosing an appropriate answer from the options shown in each of the drop-down boxes.

Below, I've attempted to clarify each question.

  • Choose a bracket size:
  • e.g. Standard, slimline, etc. The options are listed in order of Australian state or territory.

    Please note particularly the following NSW sizes:

    • NSW Premium - 372mm x 84mm (New Style)
    • NSW Premium - 372mm x 84mm (OLD Style)
    • NSW Premium - 372mm x 107mm (New Style)
    • NSW Premium - 372mm x 107mm (OLD Style)

    The differences between the “OLD” and “New” plate styles are minor, but enough for each to require a totally different LAKIN bracket. The two plates styles are compared in the photo to the right.

NSW Premium Old and New plates.

  • What are your number plates made from?
  • A variety of materials are used in the production of Australian number plates. These variations affect the design of the LAKIN brackets.

    Please make your choice from the available options.

    • Pressed Aluminium - The most common material used. These number plates have the characters pressed/stamped into a thin aluminium sheet.
    • Plastic (Acrylic) plates are becoming popular. The characters are in the form of vinyl stickers on the rear face of the sheet.
    • Signature Plates. Victoria only, these are an aluminium plate housed in a rectangular frame with a thin perspex cover.
    • Prestige Plates. these are an acrylic plate housed in a rectangular aluminium frame .
    • Vitreous Enamel. These plates have a vitreous enamel coating on a heavy steel base.

  • What colour is the background of your plate?
  • This information helps me to decide which colour screws would blend in best with your number plates.

  • What screws will attach the number plate?
  • These are the screws which will hold your number plate to the LAKIN bracket.
    • I supply as standard, Stainless Steel, Allen head screws.
    • I can also supply Tamper resistant screws with a special tool.
    • If you'd like your number plates to be bonded to the bracket WITHOUT the necessity of drilling holes, select the third option. Note: Covers can NOT be fitted if you choose this option.

  • Choose the finish you prefer.
  • LAKIN brackets are available in the following finishes:
    • Natural satin aluminium,
    • Satin or Gloss Black powder-coated finishes,
    • "Chrome-look" powder-coated finish, or
    • Professionally spray painted to match your vehicle's paint code.

    Please select your preference. Information on the different finishes is available here.

  • Option to fit bracket without drilling into body.
  • The mounting areas of many vehicles are blank plastic (sometimes metal) panels with no threaded fittings or screw grommets to suggest fittings points. There are many reasons you may not want to drill holes in these panels in order to fit your plates - either with or without a LAKIN brackets.

    For these situations, I have developed a very slim metal threaded fitting, embedded in a tough, flexible housing which will bond strongly to the panel. A set of these fittings will securely hold the LAKIN bracket to your vehicle, without the necessity of drilling into the panel.

    • The metal thread allows the bracket to be removed without the danger of stripping out the plastic (or thin metal) panel.
    • The relatively large surface area of the adhesive fittings spreads the load evenly and eliminates the possibility of distorting the panel over time.
    • The fittings have moulded-in tabs to make their future removal possible.

    A set of fittings appropriate for your vehicle can be selected by checking the box labelled "Zero damage fitting to blank plastic panel"


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