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Multi-Fit Brackets

Many of our customers have asked us if we can supply
a 'Do-It-Yourself' version of our brackets.

In response to this demand, we've developed what we call our Multi-Fit™ series of brackets.

So...what is a Multi-Fit™ bracket?

Essentially it's exactly the same as our Vehicle-Specific brackets, except that we leave the measuring, drilling and bending to you. As this is the fiddly (and therefore expensive) part, we can offer our Multi-Fit™ brackets at a significant discount.

WE supply a flat, powder-coated bracket matched to the size/style of number plate you wish to mount, complete with captive nuts and notches to match the appropriate Kingpin Prestige cover (cover must be ordered separately). Your fitting kit includes the bumpons, spacers screws etc. to match the vehicle you specify, as well as detailed instructions and a fitting planner/worksheet, so you have everything you need to make your bracket fit perfectly.

YOU measure your own vehicle and decide where to drill the bracket to make sure your number plate sits exactly where you want it to sit. Being machined from 3.0mm aluminium, our brackets are stiff enough to be a robust backing for your plates, but also flexible enough to allow you to bend them carefully to match the curve of your vehicle's bodywork.

If you have the time and enthusiasm to do the fiddly work yourself, our Multi-Fit™ brackets may be just what you've been looking for.

Our Multi-Fit™ brackets are available in sizes to match the following number plates:

  • Standard plate - 372mm x 134mm
  • Slimline 6 character - 372mm x 100mm
  • Slimline 5 character - 315mm x 100mm
  • Slimline 3 or 4 character - 250mm x 100mm
  • NSW/SA/ACT - Front - 372mm x 84mm
  • NSW/SA - Rear - 372mm x 107mm
  • QLD Flexi - 291mm x 100mm
  • Euro plate - 520mm x110mm
  • QLD Flexi - 291mm x 100mm
  • QLD Flexi - 291mm x 135mm
  • Custom Sizes by request

How to order Multi-Fit Brackets:

The Multi-Fit Brackets are listed by number plate size/style. Hover over the "Other Products" menu item and click on "Multi-Fit Brackets" - see image below.

How to order your LAKIN Multi-Fit Plate Bracket.

Alternatively, you're welcome to phone me (Philip) - 1300 838 454.

The video to the right applies to both our Multi-Fit™ and our Vehicle-Specific number plate brackets.

It shows what our brackets look like (once they've been tailored to suit a specific vehicle) and how they fit to the vehicle.

If the video won't play here, you can also view it on YouTube.


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Front Bracket - Toyota 86 - 2012 - 2016

Hi Philip,

Finally managed to get some time to install...

Kingpin Prestige Plate Cover (Sold as single units)

Hi Philip,

Received my order today, covers are on and...

Kingpin Prestige Plate Cover (Sold as single units)

Hi Philip, the cover arrived this afternoon well packaged...

Rear Bracket - Ford Focus Sedan LS - 2005 - 2007

Hi Philip,

Just letting you know that everything arrived...

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