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Kingpin Covers

There are many different types of number plate frames and covers on the market. Most car dealers use some sort of cheap frame to advertise their dealership on your vehicle.

This would be acceptable, IF they at least chose something of reasonable quality which ADDED to your car's value, rather than detracted from it. (You may not be aware that most of the frames used by the dealerships cost them around $1.00 each!)

However, there ARE good quality covers available. They cost more than the cheapies but they are well worth the investment.

I carry the full range of Kingpin Prestige Number Plate Covers.

  • These covers are legal in all states and territories in Australia. (Click here to view approval documents.)
  • They are a one-piece, UV stabilised High Impact Acrylic moulding. They are robust, the lenses won't yellow with age and the black surround maintains it's gloss for many years.
  • They have a neoprene seal around the inside edge of the cover which fits against the raised rim of the number plate to help keep out dirt and moisture.
  • They fit particularly well with our black powder-coated Custom Plate Brackets.

The Kingpin Covers are listed for purchase here.

How to order Kingpin Covers:

Our range of covers are listed by number plate size/style. Hover over the "Other Products" menu item and click on "Number Plate Covers" - see image below.

How to order number plate covers and frames.

Alternatively, you're welcome to phone me (Philip) - 0419 322 071.

See below for details and images of the different styles of Kingpin covers I keep in stock.

Number Plate Cover details:

Standard size (372mm x 134mm) Kingpin number plate cover.

Standard size (372mm x 134mm) and
Standard Width Slimline (372mm x 100mm):

These covers attach through the four holes in the corners of the number plate.

Slimline 5 character (315mm x 100mm) and
Slimline 3-4 character (250mm x 100mm):

These covers clip under the lower edge of the number plate and are screwed through the holes along the top edge at 210mm centres. In some cases these same holes are used to attach the number plate to the vehicle.

Slimline 5 character (315mm x 100mm) Kingpin number plate cover. Slimline 3 & 4 character (250mm x 100mm) Kingpin number plate cover.

If the plate is currently fitted with self-tapping screws, you'll find matching screws in the fitting kit supplied with your cover. If these screws are M6 machine thread screws going into special threaded fittings on your vehicle, you'll need our special "Piggy Back" screws. These are available here.

NSW Front Slimline (372mm x 84mm) and
NSW Rear Slimline (372mm x 107mm):

These covers clip under the lower edge of the number plate and are screwed through the holes in the top corners (345mm centres).

Full Size Euro (520mm x 112mm):

The full size Euro cover clips under the lower edge of the number plate and is screwed through holes in the top corners. Most Euro plates are not provided with pre-drilled holes; you will need to carefully drill two 6mm diameter holes using the cover as a template.

Full Size Euro (520mm x 112mm) Kingpin number plate cover.


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