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Brackets for Classic Cars

I'm using the term "Classic Car" very loosely here. Various sources tell me a classic car is anything from 15 to 30 years old but, for the purposes of this page, I'm considering any interesting vehicle in the pre-plastic bumper era to deserve the term. So. . . this page will showcase our Custom Plate Brackets fitted to "Interesting Cars With Chrome Bumpers"!

The 1962 Chevrolet Belair and 1965 Mustang I Coupe fit this definition nicely.

1962 Chevrolet Belair 4 door sedan. Rear of 1962 Chevrolet Belair 4 door sedan.

As with all my photo pages, I rely on our customers to provide me with images of their vehicles to display here. If you'd like your car to be added, please contact us by clicking on this link.

The classic cars are probably the most difficult in terms of number plate fitting. Unlike their modern counterparts, they don't have flattish plastic moulded bumper areas, for which designing a bracket is relatively straightforward.

Additionally, as many of the interesting vehicles originate from the USA, they often have mounting holes in all the wrong places.

Often I have to design interesting looking brackets like the ones shown on the right. These were made for the '62 Chevy Belair pictured above.

These brackets were designed to screw into the existing US style mounting holes and had to space the number plate out from the mounting face enough to allow the wider Australian plate to fit neatly, without fouling the edges of the recess.

Brackets for 1962 Chevrolet Belair 4 door sedan.

1966 Mustang I Coupe with badly fitted number plate.

Another project was to neatly fit standard size Victorian number plates to a 1965 Mustang I Coupe. As you can see from the photo to the right, the standard size number plate can easily damage the edges of the mounting recess.

This particular method of mounting is messy and inefficient; it supports only part of the top edge of the plate; damage to the plate itself is evident in the photo. Although this picture is not our customer's vehicle, it demonstrates effectively how his front plate was previously mounted.

There is actually a third mounting hole in the centre of the lower edge of the mounting recess. We picked this up with a 'leg' on our bracket to make sure the plate was securely supported.

In a similar manner to the brackets pictured above (for the Chev) the Custom Plate Bracket supports the full surface of the number plate. This makes for a totally secure fitting as shown to the left. An additional benefit is that the screws holding the plate to the bracket are neatly fitted in the four corners

1965 Mustang I Coupe with front number plate fitted on a LAKIN Custom Plate Bracket™.

1965 Mustang I Coupe showing awkward rear number plate mounting.

The rear plate on the Mustang was quite a tight fit between the edges of the mounting recess and the lip of the cut-out in the bumper, which wasn't quite wide enough for the larger Australian plate.

The photo to the right shows how the plate was previously fitted.

Once again, in the photo below, you'll notice the mounting screws are in the corners of the plate.

The lower edge of our bracket can just be seen below the bottom of the number plate trim. This is where it fitted to the mounting flange on the vehicle.

In the case of both these vehicles, we weren't able to physically measure the mountings as we do for most current model vehicles. Our customers provided us with a series of digital photos and explained how they wanted the plates to fit; how high, what angle, etc.

Using a graphics program, we drew lines on the images, to show where we needed accurate measurements, and e-mailed the photos back. Once we had the figures we were able to design and manufacture the brackets. We also got together complete sets of appropriate fittings before dispatching them to the owners.

1965 Mustang I Coupe with rear number plate fitted on a LAKIN Custom Plate Bracket™.


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