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Heritage Plates

The term "Heritage" number plate generally refers to a series of plates initally issued between 1932 and 1939 in Victoria. They were a numeric only series ranging from 1 up to 285,000. Production ceased on 19 May, 1939. The plates were made of heavy guage steel with embossed numbers coated with black and white vitreous enamel. Some of these original plates exist and are still used on vehicles by their owners.

For more information about the Victorian Heritage style number plates you may like to visit the VicRoads CUSTOM PLATES site.

Vitreous enamel plates were also issued in NSW. These were a different style from the Victorian plates, being a flat, heavy gauge steel backing with the numbers in white enamel on a black enamel background. The characters were not embossed into the backing.

Heritage plates can be quite difficult to mount on a vehicle for a number of reasons:

  • They are very much heavier than regular number plates.
  • Their mounting holes don't align with any standard manufacturer supplied mounting points.
  • They are totally inflexible - in fact they must be prevented from flexing to avoid cracking the vitreous enamel coating.
  • The Victorian style have a heavy steel flange around the edge which will cause damage to your vehicle's paintwork.

I've designed and made brackets to match Heritage plates to many vehicles. In each case the brackets have fitted to the manufacturer's mounting points and provided a solid, flat mounting surface for the plate. They have also fitted into the recess of the rear of the plate so the bracket is totally unobtrusive. Below are a number of photos of some Victorian plates provided by my customers.

To discuss your Heritage plate mounting, you may contact me using this form, or by calling me (Philip) on the local call number (for calls originating from a landline within Australia) - 1300 838 454.

Note: I am able to supply genuine NSW or VIC heritage plates to replace your damaged plates, if you have the rights to the numbers. In some cases, I can supply "Display Only" plates as collector's items - not for use on public roads. Click here


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