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Tips and Tricks

Do you have small plates and want to fit them to a vehicle with widely spaced mounting holes?

Much of our work is helping customers to adapt a number plate which is too narrow to fit to the holes provided in the bumper. We treat each situation individually and, in all cases, end up with a neat and tidy solution; one which does NOT involve drilling extra holes in your vehicle.

WARNING - Fitting Euro Plates? Protect your car's resale value!

All too often we find we're called upon to tailor-make brackets to cover up holes left by large plates. If you've ordered a new vehicle and are planning to fit Euro plates (in fact, ANY plate bigger than the VIC 250mm x 100mm size) here's a tip:

Don't just screw your plate into the bumper. The moment you drill the first hole, you've damaged the resale value for any future owner who might want to fit smaller plates. All our brackets use only the manufacturer's mounting holes or, in the absence of pre-drilled holes, our brackets are designed to be mounted at points which will always be covered by the smallest plate available in Australia.

Be aware that your car dealer won't take this into account if you get him to arrange fitting your number plates.

Waiting for your brackets? Here's how to mount your number plates temporarily.

In some instances, we may not be able to manufacture and deliver a set of brackets before you need to take delivery of your new vehicle. This needn't be a nuisance. Below, we explain how you can safely attach your number plates temporarily while you wait for your brackets to arrive.

This may also help you if you want to wait till you get your vehicle home before fitting the brackets, rather than struggling in less than ideal conditions at the dealership or, worse still, allowing the dealership to let the apprentice loose with his cordless drill on your car!

Tip: 3M manufacture a brilliant adhesive product called Command™ Strips. We use a water resistant version of this product on some of our brackets and stock them for individual sale here.

One of these strips at each end of a number plate will be more than adequate to fix it safely. Put some strips of masking tape or electrical insulation tape over the area where the number plate will touch the car body, to prevent trapped dust/grit from abrading the paintwork.

Also be sure that both the number plate and the paintwork is perfectly clean and grease-free before applying the Command™ strips. If necessary, you might like to use an Isopropyl Alcohol Swab.


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