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Your Choices of Bracket Finishes

LAKIN brackets are available in four different finishes...

From the product description pages you can make your choice from:

  • Natural Satin Aluminium.
  • Black Powder-Coat - (Glossy or Satin)
  • Chrome Powder-Coat.
  • Professionally sprayed to match your vehicle's paint code.

There are a number of things which may influence your choice; some of these being:

  • The colour of your vehicle.
  • How much of the bracket itself will be visible.
  • Whether your vehicle has chrome trim items.
  • Whether your plate is to be mounted on a body-colour panel, a glossy black panel, or a satin black panel.
To help you with your choice you may find the following information helpful.

Natural Satin Aluminium.

The "plain aluminium" finish refers to a bracket without any form of decorative coating. All edges will have been linished to a dull, smooth finish but there may be small marks from machining, bending, or pressing processes during manufacture.

In most cases, the only part of the bracket on show will be the 3mm thick edges. However, in other cases - as shown in the image to the right - other areas of the bracket may be visible.

Bracket in plain satin aluminium.

Black Powder-Coat.

The finish most often chosen by customers is black powder-coating. Usually this looks best when applied as a glossy coating, however, in certain cases it may be more appropriate for it to be satin black.

Two brackets on a vehicle don't necessarily need to have the same finish; it may be desirable to have a different finish on each bracket.

The image on the right compares SATIN black powder-coating (top of image) with GLOSSY black powder-coating (bottom of image). Note the difference in the reflective properties of each coating.

Comparison of glossy black and satin black powder-coated finishes.

Chrome Powder-Coat.

After an absence of many years, chrome plated body trim is becoming popular again. Unfortunately, it's not practical to electro-plate the aluminium brackets. (It's hugely expensive and has a tendency to peel off!)

However, I am able to offer a "Chrome Look" powder-coated finish. While it can't match the mirror-like appearance of genuine electro-plated chromium, it can be very effective as a highlight, especially against dark colours.

The image on the right shows the edge of the bracket. In the background is the face of another bracket to demonstrate the degree of reflection achieved.

Bracket finished in chrome powder-coat.

Painted to match vehicle paint code.

In some cases, it may be desirable for your brackets to match exactly with the rest of your vehicle's body colour. This is sometimes beneficial when part of the face of the bracket is visible. e.g. when the number plate is not large enough to cover the existing mounting points on the vehicle.

If the mounting screws or other fittings are visible, these will be included as well. There is an example of this in one of the photos to the right.

If you provide me with the appropriate colour code, I can have your bracket(s) professionally spray painted for an exact match.

Bracket painted to match vehicle paint code. Bracket painted to match vehicle paint code. Bracket painted to match vehicle paint code.


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