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Front Bracket - Toyota 86 - 2012 - 2016Front Bracket - Toyota 86 - 2012 - 2016Front Bracket - Toyota 86 - 2012 - 2016Front Bracket - Toyota 86 - 2012 - 2016Front Bracket - Toyota 86 - 2012 - 2016Front Bracket - Toyota 86 - 2012 - 2016Front Bracket - Toyota 86 - 2012 - 2016

Front Bracket - Toyota 86 - 2012 - 2016


  • Shipping Weight: 400gms
  • Model: Toyota 86 - 12 - 16 - F

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LAKIN Custom number plate brackets are delivered complete with all the screws, spacers, etc, required to fit to your vehicle using the original manufacturer's mounting points. Number plate covers are NOT automatically included with our brackets. These must be ordered separately and can be found by clicking the listing button near the top of this page.

For a full explanation of the LAKIN brackets, including a short video, click here. If you have any questions about brackets for your vehicle, why not give me a call on my local call number (for calls within Australia from a land line) - 1300 838 454

Important Notes:

  1. Be sure your vehicle matches the picture above. Be especially careful with a rear bracket, that you are ordering for the appropriate body style e.g. Sedan, Hatch, Liftback, Ute, Wagon, etc. Contact me (Philip) if you can't find an exact match for your vehicle in our listings.
  2. If you have Prestige Plates (acrylic plates with an aluminium frame) please refer to this page for some extra information.
  3. I can supply Black Stainless Steel TAMPER-RESISTANT Screws for your number plates. Select this upgrade by selecting the appropriate option below.

Essential Reading:

Please be sure to select the appropriate information from ALL the drop-down boxes below: (In order for me to supply the correct bracket and fittings for your situation, this information is essential.)

If any of the choices are not clear to you, click on this Ordering Process. link for more details and/or phone me. My guarantee can’t cover incorrect product choices.

Need help with your order?

With so many different number plate sizes/styles and minor differences between car models, ordering on the web can be confusing. If you'd prefer to order by phone, give me (Philip) a call on my local call number. Office hours are 2:00pm till 6:00pm AEST, Monday through Saturday.

Reviews (5)

by Peter from Bexley

Hi Philip, Finally managed to get some time to install the bracket. I have made a quick video at http://youtu.be/7XSt1FB-zYQ and am attaching some of the images. I wasn't able to get the plate cover back on again because the gap between the plate and the bracket was too small and I didn't want the risk of loosening the screws - that said, the "naked" look is growing on me. Also wanted to say thanks for the great customer service and for making a great product. Kind regards, Peter

by Antony from The Vines

Hi Philip, The plates are on. The end result looks really good. Extremely professional. A lot better than the hopeless dealer bracket at the front and the lone 2 screws at the rear. I am happy to provide feedback: 1) Your service has been excellent. Very quick response and the offer of personal assistance was really appreciated. 2) The packaging (box, bags etc) added to the quality look and feel of the brackets themselves. Very professional. 3) The overall quality of the products is excellent. Very well made, arrived in 100% good condition. No marks or blemishes. I guess that is your quality control. 4) The instructions were OK. There was nothing specific for the Toyota 86 front bracket, it being completely different from the bracket in the instructions and the videos on your site and You Tube. When I opened the box (in the evening), read the instructions and watched the videos I was none the wiser in relation to the front bracket. Next morning I remembered that you had a

by Paul from Boronia Heights

Hi Philip, The plates did arrive today and they were every bit what I expected. Thoroughly happy with them and they are all installed now. I followed your instructions and found it a simple task to perform. Many thanks for this after sale service it is something I certainly will tell others about at our meets. Regards Paul

1. Choose a bracket size:

2. What are your number plates made from?

3. What colour is the background of your plate?

4. What screws will attach the number plate?

5. Choose the finish you prefer:

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Front Bracket - Toyota 86 - 2012 - 2016

Hi Philip,

The front and rear brackets are finally...

Front Bracket - Toyota 86 - 2012 - 2016

Hi Philip,

The plates did arrive today and they were...

Front Bracket - Toyota 86 - 2012 - 2016

Hi Philip,

The plates are on. The end result looks...

Front Bracket - Toyota 86 - 2012 - 2016

Highly recommended to anyone who wants to have a cleaner...

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