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Rear Bracket - Volvo 240 Series - 1983 - 1993Rear Bracket - Volvo 240 Series - 1983 - 1993Rear Bracket - Volvo 240 Series - 1983 - 1993Rear Bracket - Volvo 240 Series - 1983 - 1993Rear Bracket - Volvo 240 Series - 1983 - 1993

Rear Bracket - Volvo 240 Series - 1983 - 1993


  • Shipping Weight: 400gms
  • Model: Volvo 240 - 83 - 93 - R

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LAKIN Custom number plate brackets are delivered complete with all the screws, spacers, etc, required to fit to your vehicle using the original manufacturer's mounting points. Number plate covers are NOT automatically included with our brackets. These must be ordered separately and can be found by clicking the listing button near the top of this page.

For a full explanation of the LAKIN brackets, including a short video, click here. If you have any questions about brackets for your vehicle, why not give me a call on my local call number (for calls within Australia from a land line) - 1300 838 454

Important Notes:

  1. Be sure your vehicle matches the picture above. Be especially careful with a rear bracket, that you are ordering for the appropriate body style e.g. Sedan, Hatch, Liftback, Ute, Wagon, etc. Contact me (Philip) if you can't find an exact match for your vehicle in our listings.
  2. If you have Prestige Plates (acrylic plates with an aluminium frame) please refer to this page for some extra information.
  3. I can supply Black Stainless Steel TAMPER-RESISTANT Screws for your number plates. Select this upgrade by selecting the appropriate option below.

Essential Reading:

Please be sure to select the appropriate information from ALL the drop-down boxes below: (In order for me to supply the correct bracket and fittings for your situation, this information is essential.)

If any of the choices are not clear to you, click on this Ordering Process. link for more details and/or phone me. My guarantee can’t cover incorrect product choices.

Need help with your order?

With so many different number plate sizes/styles and minor differences between car models, ordering on the web can be confusing. If you'd prefer to order by phone, give me (Philip) a call on my local call number. Office hours are 2:00pm till 6:00pm AEST, Monday through Saturday.

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by Paul from Victoria Pt

Hello Phil, Thank you for the plate mount and cover. It's the perfect option for what I have wanted to achieve. I have included some digital images for you [listed under the Additional Images tab on the product page], sorry about the exposure, it wasn't the best of locations. I have took the opportunity to fit a Genuine Volvo rear reflector plate, the LAKIN Bracket was perfect for retaining that as well. One thing for future reference, the holes in the rear panel are 7mm diameter so I purchased 2 x 6mm by 25mm stainless countersunk bolts with nut. They screwed through the plate holes perfectly and had 1mm movement to allow me to align everything. Thank you once again, really appreciate your help with this minor project of mine. Regards Paul

1. Choose a bracket size:

2. What are your number plates made from?

3. What colour is the background of your plate?

4. What screws will attach the number plate?

5. Choose the finish you prefer:

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Rear Bracket - Volvo 240 Series - 1983 - 1993

Hello Phil,

Thank you for the plate mount and cover....

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