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Water Resistant 3M Command™ Strip - Large


  • Shipping Weight: 5gms
  • Model: 3M - Command Tape - 17605b

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I use these 3M Water Resistant Command Strips on some of the brackets where the number plate has only two screw holes on the top to attach it. TIP: These are also ideal to use to temporarily attach your number plates if you are waiting for your brackets to be made.

They are a water resistant version of the 3M strips used to fix hooks to walls. They form a permanent bond while still allowing the number plate to be removed without damage, if needed.

Note: The surface to which you are applying the strips must be absolutely clean and grease-free in order for them to perform at their best. You may find these Isopropyl Alcohol Swabs useful. The surfaces should also be at room temperature.

We sell them as single units. Enter the quantity you require in the "Add to Cart" box.

Adhesive area - 75mm x 20mm.

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